Slang from the 50's or 60's for "Gee, Shit Happens" Often used by Catholic boys/girls or those attending private schools. When called on what exactly it meants (by nuns, priests, ministers, WHOEVER), they would explain it as "Gee, STUFF happens".
"Sister Marie, I did NOT pull Suzie Q's hair! GEESH!"
by Shawn Collins24 January 6, 2008
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When one chooses to have unprotected sex
Yo bro I hit that shit Geesh. or Man you need to stop going in these dirty females Geesh bro.
by Brisk Dinero January 24, 2012
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a verb meaning "to rub your gooch on an object or person". Traditionally used as a punishment or threat to a disliked person. The threat is multiplied if the gooch in question is sweaty.
"Dude if you don't turn your music down, I'm going to go for a run and then Geesh your pillow after you go out tonight"
by Herr Ballenschwett September 12, 2011
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An oriental massage parlor that advertises “Stress Therapy Massages” but in reality operates as a full brothel. Typically open 24/7 and located in seedy areas, geeshes often serve as the last resort for drunk bros that struck out during that nights escapades.
Dylan: Yo Mike did you bang Kati in Atlantic City last night?
Mike: Nah, she was all pissed at me so I took the money I won and me and Nat just got jerked at the geesh.
by Mikeypal609 July 9, 2018
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Geeshed means when you are so faded to the point where you have no idea what’s happening
Broooo brooo I’m so geeshed right now I can’t move
by MyBoyBobby July 13, 2019
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Exclamation, same as gosh but a bit stronger. Used in Trinidad, mainly by females.
by Thorsten Kettner July 27, 2006
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