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Slang from the 50's or 60's for "Gee, Shit Happens" Often used by Catholic boys/girls or those attending private schools. When called on what exactly it meants (by nuns, priests, ministers, WHOEVER), they would explain it as "Gee, STUFF happens".
"Sister Marie, I did NOT pull Suzie Q's hair! GEESH!"
by Shawn Collins24 January 05, 2008
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In the Chicago area "geesh is slang for weed.
Who's got geesh? Bobby K has got geesh it's flame too.
by Vdux August 21, 2007
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When someone does something geesh/weird, immature and embarrassing, that means they are a geesh.
For instance, if one is to act tough in front of a crowd or an individual by doing something they have never previously done for the good of the group or person.
question"you got any spliff"
response "shut up you geesh"
question "woah I feel wavy don"
response "you're a geesh"
by lou_xgxin August 24, 2016
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