Eating a pooder sandwich while driving can become difficult.
by stacie May 21, 2004
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A name commonly used to describe an individual who crashes parties, herds with others, leeches onto cool people, and sucks the life out of a room.

Also a term for individuals from Eden Prairie, MN that graduated in 2003.
Derbiderch dude, that guy was a pooder!

Shut up you pooder!

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a pooders is a great husband and father. if you are lucky enought to meet a pooders try to catch him and never let him go. Pooders usually has on a little boy back pack with his nose in a book or playing a video game. they are sweet, kind, happy, and loving. pooders really enjoy whiskey, steak, and good wine. Pooders are good people that are loyal, romantic, fun, and they love to dance. the best man in the world. a very honest trusting man. It may seem like you can take advantage of a pooders but don't let their big heart confuse you they are great business men. Might be mistaken as an elf. You will always feel lucky to have a pooders in your life. You will always wonder how you were able to live life to its fullest before you had a pooders.
Pooders, pooder, poodies
by Squirrel 14 June 25, 2012
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an indearing name for an attractive female
Hey ya pooder your lookin' hott can I get some digits.
by James April 22, 2005
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A strange magical box with a tv hooked to it. Has limitless amounts at the porn at the touch of a finger.

syn: computer
Bubba I need to come over and use you pooder while the old ladies visiting her ma.
by joebob83 October 9, 2006
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A small, hairy creature with sharp teeth and red beady eyes. It can be used for enjoyment or to scare people.
"Wanna see my pet Pooder?!"
by ADDJADS July 31, 2003
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A name describing a male human who releases extremely loud and long flatulance. (it may or may not stink)
That is the fifth fart you've let out in 10 minutes, Pooder!
by lil_diva_heartbreaker May 16, 2005
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