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have you seen margeret mcguigan romeing the streets of camberwell? have you
may be a deformed child of some sort
by stacie November 15, 2004
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someone is is found romeing the streets of camberwell. have you seen margeret mcguigan near gloria jeans? Wears glasses and varies in age
a girl wrapped in cloth drinking from a straw mite be margeret mcguigan
by stacie November 15, 2004
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I used to play neopets but I got addictided so I stopped. It used to be alright but some nazi geezer crapped it all up you get frozen for no reason in hell!
Neopets sucks- I got frozen for calling my neopets shit_head when thats what my child's gonna be called.
by stacie July 27, 2004
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Here is a quaint little ditty I made up aboot Netto's
You shop all day,
You shop all night,
You come back home with a bag of shite!
Netto's- it's scandinavian for value!
by stacie July 28, 2004
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a mood is a way of expressing someone's feelings and emotions.
stacie was being very kind today and that showed that she was in a good mood.
by stacie October 22, 2003
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Comment tu tapples
Ja Mapple Dude
Salut dude!
by stacie September 15, 2004
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