Is someone who is definitely one of a kind. From the moment you speak you know that this is a person you should probably keep around. He’s is a very selfless, caring, and willing individual and has value that he gives away more than he may receive it. He’s someone who can be anything you need him to be without demeaning his character in anyway. You need an open ear? He’s gotchu. You need a shoulder to cry on? He’s all yours. Need a laugh? Just say almost anything because he like to make people think they’re funny even if they aren’t. He tends to give nicknames that that could potentially offend you but you also can’t help but find adorable. He’s overall just an amazing guy and if you ever come across him, never let him go. You will regret it.
Beau- my names Beau.
Random chick- ohhh like Bow? As in like ... Bow Tie?

Beau- ......😑 yeah.
by Adairdre000 June 7, 2018
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beau is usually a name for a guy and it’s also beautiful for french , he is the sweetest most loving guy you’ll ever meet , beau is very honest with his feelings , if he likes you he will be honest and tell you right away , beau is very close with his pet if he has one , his pet will be his #1 best friend , beau is really nice so sometimes he gets used and played by people , beau has super pretty eyes and everyone is in love , he also takes things too fast with his girl , sometimes he loses hope and gives up right away but when he sees a chance he runs back up and try’s again , if you have a beau don’t let him go
g1: omg did you see beau’s eyes ?
g2: yes i did they’re gorgeous I’m like dying!!
by imtiktokinmyteacher January 30, 2019
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Beau is a common boys name but can also be a girls name. It means beautiful or handsome and is originated from France. If you come across a person with the name beau keep them. They are all you need. They are absolutely stunning, and jaw dropping gorgeous. But watch out because they can be an absolute bitch too.
Example #1
Girl 1: Omg look at beau she is so pretty
Girl 2: And so talented

Example #2
Boy 1: damn b this new beau guy is gonna get all the ladies
Boy 2: ikrrrrrrr 😤😤
by Owen glance April 6, 2019
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Where to start Beau is one of the best guy friends you will EVER have. He is really smart and will always make you feel loved and cared for. If you have a beau in your life don't lose him in fact hug him and don't let go!!!!
He theres beau over there let's hang out with him
by pineapples5145 July 15, 2019
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Someone who doesn't just think they are better than everyone else....they just are.  Sweet, funny, charismatic, witty. Blessed with boysish good looks and a charming personality.  Beau is "it", and everyone wants to be him!
Women love Beau, and men want to be Beau!
by Leocanis February 4, 2010
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The most amazing person you will ever meet and the sweetest guy you will ever know. A person you'll want to spend the rest of your life with and is more than likely the greatest thing that has ever happened to you.
Why can't I have a guy like that... why can't I have a Beau?
by asdkf;aldkf February 20, 2011
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beau is someone who is always there for you no matter whats happening. if you want to run away you can go to their house. if you cant sleep they'll be up with you. you can always count on beau for amazing advice too even though most of the time nothing they say makes sense until you think about it for a minute. you're so lucky if you have a beau in your life. don't lose them or else you lose the best person in the world.
Beau can we go to the store?
Bro i love beau so much its crazy.
You know beau too??
by rblxfrank June 21, 2023
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