A small fart. sounds similar to "pop"
Oops, i just let out a pooder.
by Johanna April 19, 2004
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physical play that is fun but not sex. Its kissing, feeling, making out, etc, anything before sex. It's as much or as little as you want.
We didn't have a condom so I only got pooder.
by mary November 3, 2004
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someone who likes to fart alot
Kari you smell all the time you are a real pooder
by whodknee February 11, 2005
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(noun) pōō dŏŏr

That place where 'the sun don't shine.'

A Utopian place gated by a little brown button.

"Do not stick those things up your pooder!"

or alternatively, en francais, "Do not steek zoz zings zup your poodre!"
by Badger Protection Officer January 6, 2010
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an Anal Tampon used for the prevention of leaky shit
dude, my Pooders leaking i think i need to go change it

shit man that's nasty
by The A-Team Buck Hunters July 29, 2010
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Pooder could mean 1.) shit. crap. whatever, or piss
2.) just a random mother fucking word.
3.) all the other definitions are wrong. thumbs up this one;)
1.) bobby theres pooder on your pillow. eeew.
3.) no one knows what pooder is until they see this definition.
by itsrainingmen June 29, 2011
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Used towards a guy friend/ boyfriend/ husband as a nickname when you do not agree with what they say.
She got so mad that she called her boyfriend a pooders.
by Bailey12 November 14, 2012
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