"She's hot but she betrays a few elements of nerdyness.."

"ya she's defo a herd"

by martin boonham December 19, 2008
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A herd is a group of fat women that group together at bars for protection. While Increasing the chances of finding a drunkin mate.
I sat accross the bar and watched a herd roam through the dace floor.
by Darrell (Pops) Wilson February 19, 2008
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Librarians aren't my type but those herd glasses you have on make me wanna introduce you to my grandma.
by yggerg June 08, 2017
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"herds", being from South Jersey we used this word to mean
a long time, between times and years, etc.
"I havent seen them in herds!"
"We havent spoken in herds!"
by Christine V August 20, 2007
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