i don't give a shit but i tried doesn't mean i was trying to do anything good
(jumps off clif but doesn't die) i did my best
by ash November 30, 2003
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Meaning a nightmare in which something good happens. Even though it is very uncommon to happen to people while you dream, it's something to definitely remember.
"Was Kyle your best nightmare last night??"

"Yeah! I don't even like him, and he was making out with me!"
by tiger.16 October 19, 2016
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Charlie Fizzz is my BEST NIGHTMARE ;)She'll be your best nightmare to, Georgio ;)
by Rebeccyy October 3, 2008
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The girl that your best friend is dating, who is obligated to be a total bitch because of some subliminary life cliche. She will be clingy, possessive, and controlling, giving you little to no bro-time.

You and other friends will be forced to accept her into your social circle, but will talk mass loads of shit on her whenever you get the chance.
Your friend and your best friend's girlfriend-

"Hey bro, you still drinking with us this weekend?"

"Can't dude, I have to hang out with Carly."

"But broski, you've hung out with her everyday for six days now- Whatever, just bring her with."

"She doesn't want too, dude, sorry."
by Austavious Rex March 30, 2010
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A song by our one and only goddess mitski that white people need to keep their hands off.
"I relate to your best American girl by mitski"
"Rebeca you're white you ARE the best American girl stop trying to be included in everything"
by justmark April 18, 2021
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1) John: "Hey Bill, What's the dress code for the works dinner dance?"

Bill: " Your best bib and tucker mate".

2) " Tommy had is first job interview today, he looked so Handsom all dressed in his best bib and tucker".
by hteb78 August 18, 2017
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