In RTS games, “poking” refers to repeatedly selecting a unit, eventually making them say different “annoyed” lines in place of regular lines for dialogue. It simulates that the unit you are clicking on can feel it like being tapping on the shoulder and gets annoyed because of how often you do it. It was first coined by the Grunt in Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, where he yells it aloud when you sometimes select one.
Grunt (Warcraft: Orcs and Humans): Stop poking MEEE!!

Grunt (Warcraft 3): Why you poking me again?!

Bren Carrier (Company of Heroes): Bren here, here, HEREEEEE!!

Airborne (Company of Heroes): You click me one more time and I will FUCKING smoke you.

British Tank Commander (Company of Heroes): Gunner! Point the turret up at that camera in the sky!
by Windows Error November 26, 2019
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