A small caliber pistol that can fit in a person's front pocket
My conceal /carry is a pocket rocket
by Huey p long March 3, 2015
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doing or having a pocket rocket is masterbating or "wanking/jacking off" inside ones own pocket, simply accomplished by reaching into the pocket of ones trousers, also known as a stealth wank. can be performend in public if user has masterd the techniqe.
this is an easy was to pleasure ones self while staying annonymus.
guy 1: dude why are you pulling a face
guy 2:we have lift off
guy 1:awww no way...POCKET ROCKET
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A small, albeit very powerful micro-dick.

It may be small, but the guy knows how to use it.
OMG his pocket rocket was better than my ex's 8 inches!!!
by HowDareYouDefineMe April 2, 2017
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an unconcealable hard-on that is protruding through the fabric of your pants.
when lucy walked in the room, i had a pocket rocket. she couldn't stop staring at it bulging out of my shorts. that lucy is a horny little devil.
by timingway September 25, 2014
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Henri Richard, a former former professional ice hockey player who played centre with the Montreal Canadiens from 1955 to 1975. Although 15 years his junior, he was the brother of hockey legend Maurice 'The Rocket' Richard and consequently because he was smaller (5'7" and 160 lbs.), he was given the nickname 'The Pocket Rocket'.
Commentator #1: Look at the pocket rocket go!
by 12ed-13lue July 4, 2005
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1: little fast-ass Asian motorcycle (see also rice rocket, crotch rocket)
2: a small finger-sized vibrator
1: big hairy idiots hate pocket rockets for owning their stupid, poorly-engineered harleys LOL
2: Sue from Talk Sex calls your mom's favorite toy a pocket rocket
by youblowafuse November 16, 2004
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