Famous for the 1970 Fairlady S30Z(Datsun 240Z) ,1968 Skyline KGC10 ,1972 Skyline KGC110, and Nissan's straight six engines(inline six).
A naturally aspirated Nissan S30Z is the only thing I live for
by Mike Hippopatamus February 8, 2013
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An automobile company reintorduced into the wild after Renault began supplying funds. Nissan has proven that it is possible to build the most exciting, stylish, fast and affordable cars within record time.
GM needs to have revolution, they are too greedy and selfish to do so. However, if they did; they would become the company they were in the 60s and early 70s.
by Quest_owner July 12, 2004
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1st off, everyone who mad a definition for this word seemed to have some kind of wrong Information added in. If nissan made "watered down" cars then why is my KA24DET with just a Garrett T28 better than an SR20. Someone said Nissan's are more common than shoes, this isn't true either unless we're talking about Sentras. Same with "run of the mill automobile" WTF was that guy thinking? Also Nissan's aren't an Infiniti for the cheapskate, you moron, Infiniti's are Nissans, Infiniti's are overpriced Nissan, The Infiniti G35 is a Nissan Skyline 350GT, the Infiniti G20 is a Nissan Primera and the Infiniti I30 is a Nissan Cefiro. And for Honda fag fanboi with the first definition, Toyota's are the Japanese cars that have rust like cancer, how dumb are you. Oh wait you think Honda's are more reliable anyway.
My Nissan KA24DET with a T28 and stock internals make 300rwhp on 10psi of boost

I was driving my Nissan 240sx the other day, I saw a MarkIII Supra at a stoplight and he was revving his car. I would have raced him but his car was rusted out pretty bad, I didn't want his chassis to split apart from the launch
by johnjohnfourtwenty April 3, 2011
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Although the car company has a long winded explanation of its name, I saw a different one. While watching a late 1950's early 60's western serial called "Paladin" which was set in the late 1800's, an American character of Japanese decent was having a discussion with a person from Japan. The American described himself as a nissan, which he stated to mean an American born Japanese person. So in our day we saw Datsun come to America, and in the 70's was reborn as Nissan. (American born Japanese)
He is a nissan, as is his car.
by Mr SysOp June 10, 2017
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A Shit box of a car that should stay on the road.
Nissans are a bitch car. Get a real car like a Landcruiser.
by Landcruiser are better June 22, 2019
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A popular Japanese automotive company. They also sell cars under the brand names, Infiniti and Datsun and have a tuning, performance and motorsports division called NISMO. Popular Nissan models are the...
- Skyline GT-R

- 370z

- Nissan Titan

- GT-R
- Silvia
(Note: If you pronounce Nissan any other way than "nee-san" then you're wrong)
Nissan is a car manufacturer
by AllosaurusFragilis February 24, 2019
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