A HOCKEY PLAYER-"The best kind of person in the world. The cockiest, toughest, most talented group of athletes in the universe. Not afraid to live the dream until they are like 35 then realize they never made it anywhere. Ladies love us. Guys want to be us.We are the soul of the universe."Here's to faceoffs, goals, assists, overtime, livin' on the road, cold rinks, early mornings, breakaways, glove saves, countless hours of practice, bag skates, thousands of dollars, robbin d-men, big hits, broken twigs, new skates, packin' bombs, wheelin' broads, coaches, adding the letter "y" to the end of everyone's last name, pick up, fights, let downs, miracles, game winners, ice every day, talking shit, backing that shit up with action, being hit so hard u cant see staight, hitting so hard they dont get up, getting concussions, handin 'em out, best friends, good times but most of all - the game, hockey
Dany Heatly, Cam Janssen, Donald Brashear, Ray Emery, etc. An ice hockey player is amazing.
by ruppythebrute March 19, 2008
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