A specific type of motorcycle, typically distinguished by it's aerodynamic 'hunched-over' seating position and high power to weight ratio. Often favoured by stunters, who choose the bikes because they are light and easy to perform tricks (such as wheelies and stoppies) on.

Crotch rockets are not always Japanese motorcycles, Italian companies such as Ducati manufacture quite high-quality crotch rockets as well.

Also known as 'sportbikes'.
The Ducati 999, Suzuki GSXR1000 and Yamaha YZF-R1 are good examples of ~1000cc crotch-rockets.
by Zack S. February 27, 2004
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"Hey can I have a ride?" Goose it to make 'em hold on tighter, brake hard for mush-action.
"Driver's license, registration, proof of insurance please." Heard more often than above unless you don't stop...
by White punk wannabe rapper November 22, 2003
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Motorcycles are broken down into general categories. Off road, Track, Cruisers ( incl. Harley Davidsons, Kawasaki Vulcan, Yamaha Roadstar), Sport Touring (Honda ST1300), Touring (Honda Goldwing) and Sport.(Honda CBR600, Yamaha FZ6) Sport bikes are very fast highly mobile bikes where the rider is low and leaning forward. The bike is generally a cafe race style. A Crotch Rocket is the slang term for Motorcycles of the Sport category. The term is derived from their incredible speed. The previous definition of "Non-Harley's" is patently false. I have a Honda Goldwing and it is definitely not a Crotch rocket.
A crotch rocket passed me on the freeway going about 140 mph.
by Al Collard July 4, 2005
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A machine that sits in the garage during the winter months in most states in the U.S.
Since it was wet outside, Donny had to drive his Geo Metro to work instead of his crotch rocket.
by axaxyup October 22, 2003
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a motorcycle, designed in such a fashion as to give the rider the sensation of flying like superman, with the ability to accelerate fast enough to rival a rocket, and contain it all in a package small enough to fit in your crotch.
zx9-r, zx10-r, zx12r, yzf-r1, gsxr1000, gsxr1300, cbr1000, cbr1100XX...
by darylict July 23, 2004
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sport bike very fast 200+ mph , 0-60 in under 3 seconds , 1/4 mile in ~10 seconds , and gets chicks like nothing
Yo that crotch rocket get hoes !
by sandguy April 5, 2003
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a Crotch rocket has taken on several definitions:

1) a very fast motor cycle, either foreign or domestic that one must lean forward on while riding thus making it look like a rocket is being stratled between ones legs.

2) an erection so hard that it can be somewhat painful due to the extreme arousal or amount of blood in the penis.

3) a vibrator, usually metallic or metallic in color.
1) like my crotch rocket? i pay more in insurance per month than the payments of the bike itself!

2) certain erection giving pills can give men 4 hour long crotch rockets.

3) my friend got a new crotch rocket from the adult novelty store.
by GayManAlpha July 7, 2007
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