I'm gettina a lift off.
by Lauren April 6, 2004
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vertical takeoff; smoke a ton of weed
Prepare for lift off!
by Alexius November 6, 2003
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A females ability to lift off her male counterpart's penis after riding him before he ejaculates inside of her

- @SweetwaterLeon
Damn baby your lift off game is so clutch
by Sweetwater Leòn February 11, 2016
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A morning erection that is naturally caused as the brains enters the REM-deep sleep phase. At this stage, the body's skeletal muscle structure relaxes and causes hypervasodilation in the capillaries of the body, resulting in said erection.
After sleeping so soundly and having a great night's rest, it is no surprise to wake up with an erection.
Waking up with a HardOn is also known as a Morning Lift-Off
by HeadCandy October 16, 2008
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(Spanish) When you fart so hard you literally take off from your seat
My head really hurts. It started yesterday when I smashed my head against the ceiling after a fart lift off
by Jose the crack smuggler April 27, 2004
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Two people stand butt to butt and fart simultaneously. Performing this on the moon while naked can result in forces capable of granting the human body an escape velocity from the lunar surface.
My coworker and I had a lunar lift-off that could rival the Apollo missions.
by August 19, 2022
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