A word used to describe that whats in a man’s pants is rather large😬
*tik tok comments*

“We all know he’s packin🤚🏼😩🥰”
by l.f.e April 20, 2020
Hey, Shi'Thead, how much you packin? I see quite a levi bulge in your jeans.
by Richard Black March 17, 2005
v. To hold or to have. Can be used variable contexts, from having a weapon to having a large body part.

See packing.
"He was packin heat at the club; must've paid the bouncer off."
"Don't let his size 7 shoe fool you girl, that boy is packin."
by redgyul September 21, 2004
To posess, usually drugs or guns
"Yo that nigga aint nuttin to fuck wid man he be packin 44's"
by slim kenzy November 12, 2006
Hey, you packin? I'm packin.
by Andrea12345 March 23, 2007
A female who's got big breasts and/or an ass.
Daym did you see that chick? she was packin that rackin...from the front and the back end! Whooee!
by riziel July 12, 2010