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A super hot funny boy. Tends to deny his feelings for girls but you can tell who he likes by the gleam in his eye.

His smile is the cutest thing you will ever see and he has the most amazing body. One goddam look at him and girls would die. All girls basically wanna bang him
Girl1: Who is that boy?
Girl2: I don't know, but look at that fuck worthy body
Girl1: Gotta be a Henri
by Potato.Unicorn123 January 25, 2015
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A boy who Is playful, Smart,and mainly hangs out with one girl and boy as "friends". Can pick up a girl in less then a second. Probably crushed on with the girl he hangs out with.
Oh My God is that Henri! He's so Playful and smart.
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by "The provider" February 24, 2017
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A Finnish child's name,
He is usually calm and has fragile self-esteem (Don't destroy him)
He's cold on the outside but sweet on the inside
If you manage to make him like you, he will care for you.
Why is that guy texting you daily?
He's like a Henri, that's why
by Henri05 July 02, 2018
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hEnRi is the hottest guy you will ever meet and probs only wants you for the sex also henri is a guy who commonly forgets condoms and is probs your new sugar daddy
dude henri is such a man

by bruhhhhhhhitsme March 19, 2019
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A Nickname for Henri can be...
Ri Ri
Or Blob
(Honeslty, There is no nickname for this name)
Person: What's your nickname?
Henri: People call me Henry, or Blob.
by Auction winner June 05, 2018
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