The sweetest boy you will ever meet.
Has a kind nature and will always look out for his friends.
You will always have a friend by your side when youre with Henri.
He is admired by all the girls, and his girlfriend is smoking hot!
Soccer and Playstation anyone?
Hey Henri, Coming to the party on Saturday night?
by malgosia22 May 20, 2019
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A super hot funny boy. Tends to deny his feelings for girls but you can tell who he likes by the gleam in his eye.

His smile is the cutest thing you will ever see and he has the most amazing body. One goddam look at him and girls would die. All girls basically wanna bang him
Girl1: Who is that boy?
Girl2: I don't know, but look at that fuck worthy body
Girl1: Gotta be a Henri
by Potato.Unicorn123 January 25, 2015
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Henri is the luckiest person you will ever meet as he will be very successful in future which has been shown on many occasions you will have to stick by him and don’t be mean to him as he will come back to haunt you and is into girls with blonde hair
Henri is such a nice person
Can I be your friend Henri
by Djdjdn November 7, 2019
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A boy who Is playful, Smart,and mainly hangs out with one girl and boy as "friends". Can pick up a girl in less then a second. Probably crushed on with the girl he hangs out with.
Oh My God is that Henri! He's so Playful and smart.
by "The provider" February 25, 2017
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Henri is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He is always up for an adventure and can show you places you’ve never even knew about before. He’s pretty great at popping a champagne bottle and is always great fun to be around. He’s pretty great at everything he does, and his fishing skills are immaculate.
Dude, have you met Henri?
by coolfishH October 29, 2020
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Henri is cool
by Djdjdn November 7, 2019
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A Nickname for Henri can be...
Ri Ri
Or Blob
(Honeslty, There is no nickname for this name)
Person: What's your nickname?
Henri: People call me Henry, or Blob.
by Auction winner May 13, 2018
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