Henri is cool
by Djdjdn November 7, 2019
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Henri is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He is always up for an adventure and can show you places you’ve never even knew about before. He’s pretty great at popping a champagne bottle and is always great fun to be around. He’s pretty great at everything he does, and his fishing skills are immaculate.
Dude, have you met Henri?
by coolfishH October 29, 2020
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A Finnish child's name,
He is usually calm and has fragile self-esteem (Don't destroy him)
He's cold on the outside but sweet on the inside
If you manage to make him like you, he will care for you.
Why is that guy texting you daily?
He's like a Henri, that's why
by Henri05 July 2, 2018
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A Nickname for Henri can be...
Ri Ri
Or Blob
(Honeslty, There is no nickname for this name)
Person: What's your nickname?
Henri: People call me Henry, or Blob.
by Auction winner May 13, 2018
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A German or Irish name meaning "Hero" or "Ruler of the home". Henry's are some of the sweetest people once you get to know them. They are also great friends, as they stand up to those who mess with others and would gladly take a bullet for someone they love. Henry's like to mess around with others, especially if they feel close to you and they care about you deeply.

Most Henry's have a troubled past and seem to daze off at random times, reflecting on that past.
Guy: That guy is a great friend, its because he's a Henry.
by TheThornedOne November 21, 2012
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An uncommon British slang term for an 1/8th measure of something, i.e. Marijuana (£20 worth).

Can be used to disguise the meaning of the conversation when around dissaproving parties.

Word usage is in reference to the British Monarch Henry the 8th.
Stoner 1: Yo, we gettin a Henry tonight?
Stoner 2: Ye man, if I can scrape the loot together.
Stoner 1: If you can't I'll just get a mench blad
by Hammy_UK July 13, 2008
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Word used towards a person who acts like he has a life of luxury and feels superior to others.
- Loco quiero comprarme esa cartera LV de 500 dólares

- Estás henrying ahí ya como 500 va seguí
by TheWil November 15, 2019
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