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Term used in MMORPGs refering to "power leveling" a character. Process where one character is much higher level than another and is used to either kill monsters (Mobs) for the lower level character or to bring it to the point of near death so the lower level character gets full credit.
Man, I got this new mage toon rolled and I need Eric to use his druid and pl me tonight.
by [LK]Myrik December 14, 2004
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ok with a typing error, started when people wrote "ok" really drunk. Used sometimes by mistake, but mostly knowingly instead of ok.
Wanna play some golf?
by Ralf Tangent December 16, 2003
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Potential Lesbian. A woman a New Year's Eve party who becomes desperate for the attention of some epic ninja dude and does 1 too many Jaeger bombs in an attempt to influence the situation, and ends up propositioning other women at the party.

Similar to a wine-bimbo (wimbo)
NYE at casa de Gordie contained several PL's including one PL that sustained minor skeletal damage in the attempt.
by Epic Legend January 08, 2011
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An Abbreviation for "Psycho Lesbian" used to describe a bad reaction to a situation
Person one " I slept with Stephanies Boyfriend last night"
Person Two " Oh Fuck, if she finds out she is going to go PL on your ass"
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Abbreviation for "Pathetic Loser." Most commonly used to describe strip clubs patrons because they have to pay to see ass.
When I rolled to the strip club last night there were about 10 dancers and 15 PL's.
by Speaks4 May 05, 2005
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