What people who work in the basement call their office space to make themselves feel better about their life.
Tim thinks he works on the lower level but the moron is sitting alone in the basement with a dangling lightbulb over his head.
by PayneStewart July 27, 2009
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when you initially are dating someone and you dig them but aren't prepared to go straight to the regular "I love you" route, yet you want to express that there is a feeling of love that hasn't yet evolved into a full fledged love.
Cassidy, I really have been digging hanging out with and getting to know you and I just want you to know that I lower level love you and I think in time that my lll could grow into something bigger.

by agentaimee December 15, 2005
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a man who will sleep with practically anything with a vagina
man he gets laid so much he's a lower level hood rat
by huge cans March 7, 2010
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