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Name used in online gaming, particular MMORPGs, refering to players who do not enjoy PvP or RPK. Playing style prefers to play nice, enjoys fighting Mobs, and doing other non-pvp related things, such as tradeskills like cooking (ie, baking cakes or fishing, etc.). Usually picked on by rpk'ers. Not very skilled in player versus player fighting.
Dude, that guild KGB is the worst bunch of Care Bear noobs I have ever seen!
by [LK]Myrik December 14, 2004
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Short for a "Mobile Object". The term commonly used in MUDs and MMORPGs. Denotes a non-playable character that is usually attackable and often a monster of some sort.
Those mobs were bugged, they just stood there while I beat them with my toon's sword, did you see that?
by [LK]Myrik December 14, 2004
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Term used in MMORPGs refering to someone who is against RPKing, and may or may not go out of his or her way to fight those who do.
Those guys in KGB say they are anti, but I think they're just as bad as any other rpk out there.
by [LK]Myrik December 14, 2004
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RPK for Random Player Killer, for online games, meaning a player who enjoys randomly killing other players for no reason other than enjoyment of the killing itself.
Dude, I hate LoD, they are nothing but a buch of random RPKer's. All they do is gank people.
by [LK]Myrik December 10, 2004
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Someone who is a RPK, meaning for Random Player Killer in online games.
Watch out for Obs when your in the noobie zones, he's a rpk'er who likes to show up and grief noobs.
by [LK]Myrik December 10, 2004
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From online games, deriving from "Player Killing". A PKer is one who kills other players for the enjoyment of killing them or causing them grief. See also RPK or RPKer.
Watch out for Riv when you get in Diablo, he's a known PKer.
by [LK]Myrik December 10, 2004
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Term used in MMORPGs refering to "power leveling" a character. Process where one character is much higher level than another and is used to either kill monsters (Mobs) for the lower level character or to bring it to the point of near death so the lower level character gets full credit.
Man, I got this new mage toon rolled and I need Eric to use his druid and pl me tonight.
by [LK]Myrik December 14, 2004
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