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pls = please

more specifically, it's used as an appeal.
example 1: you think that girl is hot? pls.

example 2: you think you can hook up with that girl? pls.
by bovvers October 30, 2013
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Short for "please", used in email by lazy asshats who put the minimum possible effort into being polite. Usually used in messges demanding something that's trivial for them but a PITA for you.
To all staff: Pls make sure your T.P.S. reports have the proper covers.
by fax4voice3 April 06, 2005
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Parking Lot Syndrome. When a group of friends stand around in the parking lot talking and chatting after dinner, a movie, or an event. This usually occurs when deciding on what to do next and can last a few minutes. However, it's only considered PLS if it lasts a considerable amount of time.
"Let's get rid of this PLS and decide where to go already! We've been out here in this parking lot for an hour and I wanna do something!"
by makalive45 February 12, 2007
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Post Lunch Sleepiness: The greatest and most dangerous disorder in America today. It affects millions of American workers and or students each and every weekday of the year. The symptoms include lethargy, a strong urge to sleep no matter where you are at the moment, and an inability to focus on anything no matter how interesting it may be.
Monty: Man, I just finished lunch like an hour ago, and now I got a severe case of PLS.
Ryan: PLS?
Monty: Yeah, post lunch sleepiness
Ryan: Oh yeah, I had that real bad on Tuesday, and fell asleep under a pile of phone books in the supply room. When I woke up it was 6 at nite, and everyone was gone.
Monty: Yeah, PLS sucks.
by Montay March 26, 2008
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pls or plys is used mostly by Turks at mmorpgs games, especialy at SRO. It's the word Please actually but in turk dialect
1. Pls man gold.

2. ok man 10kk plys
by TheHiddenWolf July 22, 2009
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It is standing for "Please"
asl pls = Age, Sex, Location Please
Most used in AOL or other chat rooms.
by KEFE August 31, 2003
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Parking lot special. When a man receives a blow job in either his or his date's car while in a public parking lot. Preferably, the PLS will occur on your first date in your date's car.
Bruce: "Hey dude how'd your date go with that whorefish you met at the car wash? Get laid?"
Eddie: "Nah but I got a PLS in the Taco Cabana parking lot"
Bruce: "Did you celebrate with a chicken quesadilla?"
by Bruce Locatelli July 26, 2011
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