One of the sexist things on earth. Great to bang and found on tall girls.
Every girl wants long legs.
Guys love long legs!
Long legs are hot.
by Vergessen April 1, 2018
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Having long legs can be fun at times like, being able to reach high things, taking larger steps, but it’s also hell, like me i don’t like my long legs, and when people point that out, it sometimes can make a person uncomfortable or insecure.
Damn girl you’ve got some long legs, you look like slender man.
by emmyz07 July 10, 2020
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When used to describe someone, it would mean liar, wrong, or ignorant.
When used as an expression it means calling something BS.

The longer or bigger the lie or expression the longer the leg.
"That is some long legged bullshit ma'am."
Person: "You're cute."
Girl: "Leg."
by _User_not_found_ November 17, 2020
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Long leg not only describes someone's a long leg; it also describes his behaviour is annoying. Such as the person sitting behind you cocks his leg up against your chair.
(In a lecture)

"Hey, don't cock your long leg up against the chair, and play with it"

"Sorry, my hormone level is high today"
by Long leg cocking up against March 24, 2009
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In which a long legged person with the fartherly feature is found. This certain being has long luscious legs with the face of a daddy. With the presence of daddy material
“Have you found daddy long legs Kim?
“No I haven’t found myself a daddy long legs
by Lenomery March 8, 2018
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1) A young adult/children's novel written by Jean Webster in 1912 about an orphan girl being supported financially through college by an anonymous benefactor.

2) Can be used to describe someone who is continually taking care of, or giving financial support to someone else anonymously (usually a male for a female).
1) Have you ever read that book called Daddy Long-Legs?

2) I heard Jenny can buy all that brand name stuff even though she doesn't work because she has a Daddy Long-Legs.
by keiti December 27, 2007
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A sexual position that, when successfully achieved, results in universal bragging rights.

While fornicating with a young woman, pull her to the edge of the bed in a missionary position, with legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Proceed to enter her while standing on the floor to get her and yourself limbered up, which will be necessary to achieve the position.

Instruct your sexual teammate to anchor herself to the bed by reaching behind her head and latching the sheets, and proceed to step one foot all the way up on the mattress. Once balanced, make an athletic leap and place your second food up on the edge of the bed. Your man ass should now be gloriously fluttering 4-6 feet above floor level, depending on your mattress height, while your legs should have achieved an extremely low sumo-style squat. Your partners legs will be poking into the air and can be grabbed for balance and more control, similar to the levers used to control a construction crane.

The position is named "Daddy Long legs" due to the mass of tangled arms and legs now jiggling in the air, while your ass is dancing up and down as you struggle against gravity and mattress springs while trying to impress your date.
Well I tried the daddy long legs but the girl's grip wasn't tight enough when I went to plant the second leg. My other foot slipped and my still-inserted penis acted as a medieval trebuchet and launched us both into the wall behind me.
by GreenEggsNGraham August 9, 2011
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