A very positive word used casualy to show how attracted etc you are to something/someone
1)He's peng.
2)Mmm this tastes peng.
by flabface October 28, 2008
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adj. amenable esp. delicious, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing or sexually attractive.
Bro, this nectarine galette is peng.
by Felixc212 October 6, 2013
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yeah so it’s like some really attractive person. usually used in London with roadmen. like for example if someone had some nice makeup and you liked them you would call them peng or just nice in general.
dayum, hannah is peng! look at that ass move. I wanna slap that ass!

mmm, these are proper peng wings! where did you buy them from?
by narutolover1243 October 20, 2018
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'There's some PENG over there'
'Shes proper Peng!'
by Martin February 7, 2005
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The over-exaggerated description of a person with good looks or a nice body or both.
Look at her, she is fuckinp peng!!
by GnInJa October 25, 2005
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Good looking, sexy, buff, fit, handsome, beautiful, gorgeous.
'She's peng', 'That guy's peng'.
by urbanchic May 6, 2008
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this means fit nice .. nice body everything dat bare peeps r luking for !
yoo dat lad iz peng !!!!!!
dat gyal iz peng !!!!!!
by laydee-grizime August 12, 2005
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