Selling drugs, mainly crack (crills) and heroin (heron)
Sun spent mad nights pitchin' on the block ...

Those kats be pitchin' on 45th and Broadway all day ...
by Moreno August 18, 2003
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A word that combines the words "Pimpin'" & "Bitchin'." Perfect for all exclamatory occasions.

Best used conservatively and around a selective audience.
Warning: If you mumble, it loses its meaning.
Mike: "Those new kicks are pimpin'"
Jeff: "Nah nah nah man, they're bitchin'"
Kumar: "You fellas is both right! they pitchin'!"
by Roger Cedeno May 03, 2009
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when a male of the human race and his erect penis makes the sheets look rather like a tent
it totally sucks when you pitch a tent while being in bed with other men
by Captain Mutorcs March 29, 2005
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To give someone a hard time. Giving them a bunch of shit for something. poo
"Hey Tom, why you always pitchin poo at me? It ain't cool."
by mingz November 26, 2007
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Pitchin' in the mirror is when you are so depressed and lonely that the best part of your life is the wonderously pleasurable feeling that you sometimes get when pitchin’ a loaf, so much so that you put a mirror in front of the toilet so that you can witness the look of pleasure on your face and savor these glorious moments of fecal delivery while pretending that your reflection is another person, a compassionate friend.
Bro, ever since I found out how hard it is to become a rock star and my girlfriend got abducted by The Grays, I've been pitchin' in the mirror.
by Jaunty Diggles September 07, 2019
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