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Spanish slang for one who's ill-moraled in a sexual nature.
Lucho is such a tremendous sucio, bro!
by Moreno September 28, 2005

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World Wide Trend Setter, Zoo York, Melting Pot, Anything Goes, Terrorist Target, the city that never sleeps, but gets slept on ... the most "off the chain" city on the map ... the East Coast LA, the American Paris, we got kats from all walks of life, shorties that hustle harder than men, too many metaphors for the Mecca of the World... in one phrase: SHIT IS MAD REAL IN NYC, sun
No examples, b/c no other city is comparable ...
by Moreno August 18, 2003

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For sure, definitely, no doubt ... emanating from the "iggity style" language made popular by the Double Dutch Bus song, Das EFX and brought back out by Snoop
Ques: Is that yo baby momma?
Ans: Fo' shizzle
by Moreno August 18, 2003

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Selling drugs, mainly crack (crills) and heroin (heron)
Sun spent mad nights pitchin' on the block ...

Those kats be pitchin' on 45th and Broadway all day ...
by Moreno August 18, 2003

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Root word: Smash ... this more than one meaning: 1)to have sex with a girl and be the aggressor; 2)to take a pull from the dutch;
1) Yo, I smashed mami out last night
2) You gonna smash on this dutch, cuz?
by Moreno August 18, 2003

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The hottest Hip-Hop/Freestyle dance party happenin' today! Featuring the stylings of DJ Womanmaker and DJ Fancypants.
Man, I just got laid off, found out that my girlfriend is cheating on me, just pissed out my left testicle and I'm dying tomorrow morning. Only one thing left to do. It's Deuce Deuce time!!!
by Moreno January 03, 2006

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