You wanna go fuck them hoes..."Nah man im good i got my girl"
by Shawtie April 22, 2003
A phrase used when there is a high degree of disagreement. Usually used in response to a rediculous or crazy question.
"Yo man, are you gonna give up the car tonite?"

"Nah man nah dawg, you crazy"
by Nana March 14, 2004
What an old white guy would say to a homeless man asking for money for a hot dog.
Homeless Man: "Can I have a dollar for a hot dog?"
White Guy: "Nah man we used it all"
by IRanOutOfMoneyMan March 24, 2017
Yeah.... That's what I fucking thought to you dumb shit.
Your fiance fuck the mentally disabled?

Nah, man, she wouldn't do that.

Doesn't she know that you would think that?

I don't know.

You DO know, motherfucker. You do know. Why, of all people, would she need to fill in at the easiest house? It's double staffed all ready and it ran with only one person for years; but the only person they could find was someone in a management position? How is that the case? Bet she told you she played board games. That's what they do. Bring them here and tell them "nobody is going to believe you're fucking a retard anyways." Why would they? It's a filthy cripple.
by Hym Iam September 29, 2020
Doing exactly what you're accusing me of...
*Person A walks up to Person B and starts obnoxiously jabbing them with to their elbow*

What the fuck?


You're jabbing me with your elbow.

Nah, man, I'm just... Rolling my shoulder, man. I think I pulled a muscle.

No. You did it on purpose.

You can't know that! You can't read my mind.

Ok... Why did you have to walk up next to me to do it? You could have don't it over there. And you expect me to believe you had know way of knowing you were going to elbow me?

Well.... Um.....

Exactly. I don't have to read your mind. I can ask you two questions and now we both know exactly what happened just now. I mean, you're basically retarded. I doubt there would be any thoughts for me to read if I could.

You wouldn't hurt a guy with a disability would you?



by Hym Iam September 28, 2020