A street known in each of three large cities as the historical, cultural, and commercial center of the city. In the Chicago neighborhood of Uptown, Broadway is home to the Aragon Ballroom, Riviera Theater, Uptown Theatre, and Green Mill Jazz Club. In San Francisco, Broadway Street celebrates the city’s culture through adult oriented venues such as the Condor Club, the hungry i Club, the Showgirls theater, and the City Lights Bookstore. As I grew up near San Francisco, I always figured that’s why it’s called “Broad”way. So, when traveling with my fiancée in New York, and she asked me if I wanted to catch a show on Broadway Avenue, well… let’s just say the resulting misunderstanding led to a substantial fight.
Tourist 1: Hey, do you want to pick up a show on Broadway?
Tourist 2: I don't know. In this city, would it be "The King and I" or "The King and Di"?
by Ben Dover Franken October 3, 2009
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What we do here in Sacramento; a bowl of purple buds with hash sprinkled on top, and hash oil on top of everything else in the bowl.
I told the owner of the cannabis club that we smoked a Broadway, all he could say was, "FUCK!!!"
by $crooge May 11, 2006
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The area between your balls and your penis
I hid the weed in my broadway./Bitch, tickle my broadway.
by C. SANTIAGO July 11, 2008
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Someone who is gay. Originated in New York, due to that city's famous avenue, home of countless numbers of musical theatres and aspiring actors.
Personally, I think Larry goes Broadway.
by Luis November 18, 2004
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Females That Project A Certain Style, Behavior Or Image That Is The Complete Opposite Of What They Truely Are. It's Almost As If They Are Acting, Not Really Being Themselves. Now Take The Word "Broadway", It's The Big Time For Actors Who Perform In Plays, And Take The Word Broad. You Now Have Broads Who Put Up An Act Or Front.
E: Did You Get Some From That Chick Last Night?

J: Na Man, That Broadway Was Frontin' On The Pussy!
by BUMFIG May 18, 2007
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most amazing and lifting place in the world. so inspiring new york city, knwn for the amazing plays/musicals, wicked, west side story, memphis, sister act, mamma mia are a few shows, over 30 broadway theaters, best place you will ever be
I see a broadway show for my birthday every year.
by gurlyouarebeautiful November 7, 2011
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