To steal.
Pilferer : "I pilfered a stereo in a small riot downtown."
Dude : "Did you pilfer any CD's to go with it."
Pilferer : "Nah. I nearly got caught pilfering this."
by Diego August 18, 2003
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Person that sits in a bathtub, farts, then bites at the bubbles
Chris's breath smells like shit because he's a pilfer.
by Anthony April 3, 2005
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Sarah left her clothes at my house, and they fit me. When I moved I took them with me. I pilfered some way cool clothes.
by Floyd & Leaona October 11, 2007
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An activity enjoyed by meth heads; this includes rummaging and pocketing through someone elses belongings. Abandoned houses are an easy target. The dopey's usually aquire a dozen flashlights, broken watches, Bluetooth speakers and portable batteries.
Hey Jim Tom, lets go pilfer out in Pongo tonight?
by GeekerGeeker1-9 January 26, 2018
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Another definition to pilfering is to go through stuff intensely either your stuff a friends stuff or dumpster diving sometimes taking things or asking for things that is not yours.
“Hey girl do you want to go to Toppers with us tonight?”

“No thanks girl April and I are going to go pilfering in her closet!”

“Why is it every time Aime gets high she has to go pilfering through my stuff?”

“So fucking annoying.”

“Hey let’s go pilfering at the flea market today?”
by ashane November 28, 2019
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to steal slowy from another person. rumming through other peoples stuff. a person who's good at stealing without the other person knowing. a scandelist theif
that girl is always pilfering though others things. they are pilfering through everyone's things were pilfered by someone.
by babygirl11684 March 10, 2015
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Miscellaneous objects with no intrinsic value or function, typically acquired on a whim due to heightened level of sexual excitement given from magical presence of the pilferous object. This effect is usually short lived. These itmes may be appealing to hoarders, hipsters or those who purchase in bulk. However, most view pilferous objects as a first world problem typically owned by those who make duck faces, take selfies and or mirror pics with bright colored lipstick or those that check in at the gym on Facebook.
John owns so many pilferous objects in his house that he can't even walk. I can spend days drawing penises on Snapchat pics of all the useless pilferous objects he has.
by kingbenne August 11, 2014
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