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Where you and your bro's all inhibited the same igloo.

You all sleep with the same girl.
Hey which bedroom do ya'll think she's going into tonight? Hell it don't matter we all eskimo brothers anyway.

That smell smells familiar, Man did you tap that shit too?!?! Guess were eskimo brothers now bro.
by ashane June 27, 2016

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When you experience your butt and legs falling asleep due to sitting on toliet to long
I was looking up something on ebay while taking a crap before I knew it I got rearsthesia and could bearly get off toliet much less walk.
by ashane May 31, 2015

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When your related through marriage
Dude I can hit that we just creek kin not blood kin!
by ashane May 22, 2016

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Freshly shaved balls.
Babe if your going to shave your balls tonight please do not sleep naked. I dont want your puddy cods sticking to my back.

I'll tea bag it as long as you have puddy cods.
by ashane November 15, 2016

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When a womans shorts or other clothing gets ate up by her v'ja which is caused by cunt munching usually ending with a cunt wedgy.
Girl what are you doing grabbing at your private area? I got cunt munchie going on.

When the instructor put the safety harness around me it gave me a major cunt munchie
by ashane June 14, 2016

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It's a breed of geeked up peeps, people that stay high on tweek all the time
Dude what's wrong with that girl she looks high as fuck?
Na bro she's a geekingese she's always like that.
by ashane May 28, 2017

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That tingling feeling women get when they kiss somebody hott or watch porn
He kiss me so good it gave me a cooter quiver.

When I watched that porn it made my cooter quiver.

Damn he look so fine he made my cooter quiver.
by ashane May 28, 2017

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