35 definitions by ashane

Where you and your bro's all inhibited the same igloo.

You all sleep with the same girl.
Hey which bedroom do ya'll think she's going into tonight? Hell it don't matter we all eskimo brothers anyway.

That smell smells familiar, Man did you tap that shit too?!?! Guess were eskimo brothers now bro.
by ashane June 28, 2016
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When your done having great sex! Or if you want to snuggle at a certain time.
“Damn babe you were so good it’s snuggle time.”

“I’ve missed you so much babe let’s go home and have snuggle time!”
by ashane November 28, 2019
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Man I have to shit so bad !

You Prairie doggin it bro?

No more like stc shit touching cotton
by ashane January 5, 2021
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Justin is the perfect name to get your friends on a “deez nutzjoke
Hey man Justin said he was going to whoop that ass!

Justin who?

Justin case you want to suck deez nutz! Got em!

Man F you!
by ashane March 18, 2019
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A fat vagina with moose knuckles instead of camel toes
Damn man she got the moose muffin going on

She ain’t got beef curtains bro she’s got a moose muffin
by ashane April 6, 2018
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When a guy does not man scape, trim his ball hair
Girl I could not find his dick because his sasquatch balls!
by ashane July 5, 2017
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When a guy feels like he can’t preform to his/her level. Even tho he is sexual attracted to said person
Man I want to have sex with Mona so bad but she gives me scareddick!
by ashane November 25, 2017
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