164 definitions by Anthony

When you get caught looking at guy porn in Graphic Arts.
Jaber was seen with Porno Boy last night.
by Anthony March 13, 2004
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its a large double sided axe Thor uses to fly through the sky.
Thor was on his ride axe yelling "YA-HEY!" YA HEY!
by Anthony July 08, 2004
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Getting completly 'stoned' or 'high' by smoking or ingesting marijuana.
"Come over tonight, and we'll get totally ripped!"
by Anthony September 21, 2003
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I just put six shots into one hole at twenty five meters with my round gun.
by Anthony December 10, 2009
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(adj.) or (n.) An authoritative trait held by individuals who hold a position that entitles him or her some authority. The level of authority he or she acts with is more than the position entitles.
"Ever since Steven got promoted to lead teller he acts all rulery around us regular tellers now; you'd swear he was promoted to bank manager!"
by Anthony June 18, 2006
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