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Rumming /'rʌmɪŋ/ can be described as a fun experience, which involves a bit more than drinking rum; it is the appreciation of the rum: its origin, characteristics and history, and the journey of discovering new rums. As any fun things, you can enjoy Rumming on your own, with friends and/or your soul mate.
We are looking forward to the next rumming event, which will be a French-style rum tasting, matched with a selection of nibbles.
by Rumming May 15, 2016
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Rumming is running a half marathon, eating french toast, rubbing your belly, and thinking about adult beverages.
The three of us were rumming today. While the elder rummed the first part faster, the junior rummed the second part slower, and the middle is always rumming about the third part.
by six tunnels March 13, 2010
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