something very good, very interesting, or too good.
She's way cool! That is way cool!
by Diego da Cunha Diogo August 26, 2007
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A phrase used to describe something that is too cool to be described with simply the word cool.

The phrase originates from sonic underground.
dude 1: Have you played sonic generations yet?
dude 2: Ya man, it's way past cool!
by the big bad man June 19, 2013
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One thing the other definitions forgot to add is that people will also sometimes reference this, especially if they are in the FNF fanbase.

In FNF, an indie rhythm game, you can download and edit the files and then post them publically, making a ‘mod’. In one of these mods, called Bob 2.0 (Bob’s Onslaught), there is a character called Ron, which eventually gets killed off by Bob (the main antagonist of the mod). Just before Bob starts his queue in singing, Ron says a quick dialogue which says "*dead* (in a cool way)" which is where the joke originates from.
guy 1: ron is sus (in a cool way)
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A phrase commonly known by Sonic and originated from Sonic Underground
Some guy: Sonic is way past cool
Some other guy: yes yes very much agree
by NotSpuuder November 23, 2018
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the hit song 'sign of the times' by Harry Edward Styles occasionally makes harry cry while performing, but in a cool way !
HAROLD: my eyes are sweating. i'm like crying in a cool way.
by gigi rose September 8, 2020
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"crying i a cool way" as Harry Styles in Carpool Caraoke with James Corden. It means fake tears or crying bc your husband is having a fake baby. Or crying while listening old rock songs
Do you crying in a cool way?
Yeah, usually when I see David Bowie
by Holoannagain January 25, 2018
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