A late '80s musical style that pre-dates the music of grunge. Gritty, dirty, and noisy. Sonic Youth, Big Black, and the Butthole Surfers are the most well know purveyors of this type of rock music.
Alot of this pigfuck music is terrible, but at least it isn't as commercial as some other groups are.
by nespithe January 1, 2006
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A game, mostly played in college. The object is for a group of guys to go out for the night and attempt to fuck the worst looking (or fat) woman they can. In the morning they compare notes and decide who won.
Sometimes losing, is actually winning and vice versa (in my opinion).

Fucking women, who usually can not get laid, for sport.
Wow, I would have to say Matt won at pigfucking last night, the girl he did was fat and ugly.

I slept with Cindy, she was hot! I guess I lost at pigfucking, but I don't care.
by Urban Tony January 4, 2007
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One who fucks pigs. As by Terrance defined in South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut
U.S. Senator Robert Byrd is an unabashed pigfucker.
by Abu Gingy June 26, 2005
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First used in the early 1970's as a all-purpose sobriquet for conservative politicians by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Recently, the meaning of 'pigfucker' has changed to exclude the actual politicians, focusing instead only on the ill-educated, ignorant or mentally-challenged supporters of explicitly neo-conservative politics. In contemporary usage, therefore, neither Schwartzenegger nor his supporters would be'pigfuckers', but any trailer-dwelling Anne Coulter spouting asshat would be.
Stupid warmongering pigfucker freeps don't understand that neo-con policy in Iraq will cost them any hope for a prosperous future.
by Slagathor January 24, 2005
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Someone who supports the police. For instance, a politician who passes laws demanded by the police and thereby destroys civil liberties, and anti-"crime" bigots who go along with any repressive proposal which has even minimal porcine endorsement.

Also someone who literally sleeps with, or who enjoys close personal relations with police officers.
George W Bush and Bill Clinton are a pair of pigfuckers.

People who support ID cards are all pigfuckers.
by Andy April 22, 2004
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1. Post-pubescent individual who doesn't have access to a llama, but does to a sow.
2. A ninny.
Even if you had a she-goat, you'd still be a pigfucker!
by octopod December 2, 2003
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It's a disease made by pig-fuckers for pig-fuckers to justify their actions(it also could be an insult for someone whos just a dick).
1. Yeah ive got pigfuckitis only 3 years to live.

2. Lawl youve got pigfuckitis,pig fucker.

3. Me:I like pork loins,Friend: Cause you've got pigfuckitis
by Saed Lehtov May 20, 2007
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