Something people are when they are too lazy to work out, but wanna be hot.
white girl 1: Eww Like Kristine is like, so, like fat and ugly, like.
white girl 2: Like, yeah.
by youngmillenial March 12, 2017
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when someone is fat while being ugly at the same time,
Person 1: hey anna you're so fat 'n ugly
Anna: *sad face*
by Fleezus April 30, 2016
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Sis if you're searching this up because you think you are...please don't like you're beautiful and you're a skinny legend so shut up and be happy with yourself

If anyone looks like garbage 24/7 it's me
Someone: I'm fat/I'm ugly-
Me: s i l e n c e y o u a r e n o t
by I_hate_snakeu February 24, 2020
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These animals have way to high standards, and ruin lives of many handsome individuals. They are sassy lazy and then complain about their figure and don't want to do anything about it.
Fat Ugly Bitches: I want a man over 6 feet with bulky muscles and a big dick.

Handsome 6ft Man: I don't date fat bitches!

Crowd: ROASTED!!!!!!!
by EatHerAss1445 March 8, 2019
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A man in a pornographic film that is so grotesquely overweight and ugly, sometimes significantly older than everyone else in the shoot, that it takes you out of the mood. It's enough to get you angry and question why they would cast him.

It gets more annoying when the other actors and actresses are looking their best with shredded abs or a waistline that's too small for a normal human, then you get a man that does not seem to be interested in the craft at all.
Guy1: I was watching a porn video yesterday and I was really getting into it.

Guy2: I don't know why you're telling me this, but I'll bite. What happened?

Guy1: A fucking fat ugly bastard showed up.

by theonewhoflops May 24, 2021
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I go to church just to lick the walls. I shove my willy inside the rocket league disk.
by Pickle.Rick December 13, 2018
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A tool shed that is not very good at softball.
Youre acting like a complete idiot, just like a fat ugly jamaican.
by fat ugly jamaican May 1, 2008
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