194 definitions by octopod

Impressive at first but with experience, found to be stupid or unimaginative
"That John Kerry seems to have gravitas."
"He's a mile wide and an inch deep."
by octopod April 11, 2004
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Annoying misuse of the word 'anyway." Probably part of the language now, just to annoy curmudgeons like me.
So, she's all "Anyways, let's go shopping at Target! "
by octopod May 30, 2004
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The leader of the "pervert pirates" in S. Clay Wilson's comix.
Captain Pissgums had an immense knurled rod.
by octopod November 24, 2003
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Balls, testicles (Italian); meaning courage, strength of character, masculinity. See break my balls
That Kerry, he was in the war, but in politics he ain't got no coglioni
by octopod April 28, 2004
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Stalinoid or Bolshevik for "group." Reeks with self-importance and in-groupiness.
They used to go out drinking. I suppose they called themselves the "Beer Collective."
by octopod November 30, 2003
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African-American. The former "polite" term, replaced by "Negro," then by "black," now by "African-American."
White folks in Washington
They sure know how
To call a colored man a nigger,
Just to see him bow.
-- Lead Belly, "Bourgeois Blues"
by octopod June 13, 2004
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