Terrance is the man, and by the man I mean THE man. He is mr clutch, he never fails. Mr reliable.

The man
Yo, that guy is such a terrance.
by xDaviDtv September 28, 2020
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A guy who knows how to make a girl feel special, but he does it too well. You'll think he's a goodie two shoes but you find out he's not as good as you think he is. He seems like a happy go lucky guy but he's really emotionally unstable. Not to mention the guy is hot as hell, every girl ever will want to hit that. If you date a Terrance beware, there are two types to the reaction of to every girl finding him attractive. He'll either prove he's loyal, or break all amounts of trust. You'll fall fast and when he leaves you'll get stuck on him. He'll move on but you won't for a while. Maybe if you're lucky you'll be the final girl.
Girl A: "God damn why is he so hot?!" Girl B: "Well that's Terrance for you, now get over him!"
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A cute and attractive boy who doesn't know he's cute witch makes him even cuter. He likes his friends and has many friends. And he likes the girls that can be their selves.
Girl 1:"Terrance is a cute guy"

Girl 2:"He's cuuuuuuute"
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Terrance has a very big dick, he know how to give head, has good hair that you can feel on while he gives you that master head.
Girl: Terrance gave me the best head of my life yesterday.
by Kaira Livingston November 16, 2018
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Someone who is good at everything, master at nothing... Worldly traveler, Dashing good looks but relies on his personality, humor and wit much more.... International Gentleman of Leisure... Great to be around.... Party doesnt start until Terrance arrives.. Smells Great Always....
I can tell that guy is a "Terrance".....
by Terrance Wanna Be February 7, 2010
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A guy everyone wants to be friends with. He's pretty funny. Great style is his middle name. Terrance is the kind of person you would want to listen to music with on the bus. He is the worst dancer on the planet but he has confidence about his dancing. He is pretty cute. He can be mean at times but will be there for you when needed. If you meet a Terrance, befriend him. He also has a large booty. Terrance is the biggest hipster you'll ever meet.
Have you met that guy Terrance? He's kinda cool.
by Alyssa aka bootytoostrong December 6, 2013
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Usually a dam Kappa. Pretty as hell. Overly attractive. Loves MILFs; Cocky, Conceited; loves getting head; very professional, usually leads by example.
People are often jealous of the social status of a Terrance.
Man, if I could be Terrance when I grow up!
by Loos3 Kannon February 3, 2010
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