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To argue pointlessly with somone whose opinion you neither value nor respect and whose mind you cannot change. Often typified by juvenile insults, recourses to semantic arguments, and abject reductionism.
I'm in a huge Portal of Evil fagdance with a Freeper troll.
by Slagathor March 03, 2004
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Fucking freeps; they're all mouthbreathing speds.
by Slagathor January 24, 2005
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Overprivileged, WASPY, racist, wealthy, snobbish and shallow teenagers and young adults from New England who kid themselves that their private schools award them A grades for being smart rather than for the ungodly tuition fees paid by their affluent and somewhat retarded parents. May be found on board their sunfish, practicing asinine fencing moves or getting repeatedly pinned in the wrestling ring. A fashion unconscious clique who believe that Lilly Pulitzer and Lacoste are anything other than laughable and lame, and who one day will slide on into their Range Rovers, replete with welly-bobs, ugly scarves and wax jackets to pick up their own over-privileged spawn from Exeter or Hopkins or a host of a million other "exclusive" private schools. Most preps, unless they hide at Dartmouth, are in for a shocking awakening at University, where they universally realize that they are actually quite stupid and life is quite hard.
Homies: Yo! Let's jack that preppy fuck.

Buffy: Tad, maybe driving to Hunt's Point was a bad idea...
by Slagathor September 24, 2005
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Australian slang, imported from Scotland, for a man who although straight behaves in a whiny, complaining and non-masculine manner.
What's wrong with you, you screaming great jessie? Get on that roof and clean out the gutters.
by Slagathor September 22, 2005
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First used in the early 1970's as a all-purpose sobriquet for conservative politicians by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Recently, the meaning of 'pigfucker' has changed to exclude the actual politicians, focusing instead only on the ill-educated, ignorant or mentally-challenged supporters of explicitly neo-conservative politics. In contemporary usage, therefore, neither Schwartzenegger nor his supporters would be'pigfuckers', but any trailer-dwelling Anne Coulter spouting asshat would be.
Stupid warmongering pigfucker freeps don't understand that neo-con policy in Iraq will cost them any hope for a prosperous future.
by Slagathor January 24, 2005
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