Call me the doctor cuz I got a P.H.D. for pimpin hoes daily.
by governator 2003 November 10, 2003
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PHD is usually confused by many people as something entirely different. A PHD is when you get a high qualification, a doctorate. It is usually mistaken for standing for 'Pretty Huge Dick'
<Shower room, Cambridge University>
Dr.Ralph: Whoa! Where'd you get your PHD?
Dr. Paedo: It was actually at this University not long ago. A proud acheivement!
Dr Ralph: Ahh, A late bloomer where you? Well I wish mine was as big!
Dr. Paedo: huh? You have one too!
Dr Ralph: Well thanks, but yours is much bigger, its huge!
Dr. Paedo: What are we talking about here?
Dr. Ralph: Your PHD...pretty huge dick?
Dr. Paedo: Oh haha! I'm afraid my poor friend that you have been misinformed. PHD is a qualification such as ours! A doctorate!
Dr. Ralph: Oh I see!!!
by Slow_Hands January 23, 2005
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Pumpkin Head Deluxe ( in reference to a swollen face or head from a severe beating )
If a gang member were to disrespect his gang or another's, a punishment would be a P.H.D.
by Scotttttt January 15, 2008
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For brothers on the street - Pimpin' Hos Degree
I gots myself a bunch o' bitches, and got my PhD!
by Fineyngman September 09, 2005
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to have a Ph.D is to have a Pretty Huge Dick
Kanye West says that he never graduated school, but he has a Ph.D...a pretty huge dick
by Banks Chill July 23, 2005
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A person who is basically trapped in college for the rest of his life. PhDs are also known to talk out of their asses and give long lectures about things not relevant to real life.
I'm glad I got out of college before I got that PhD.
by grad school dropout April 10, 2003
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