To explain at length, clearly, and indisputably.
"Break it down Oblio, break it down."

"Let me break it down for ya."
by dahv August 8, 2006
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breakin it down is when you just don't give a shit what other people think of you in your actions. Express yourself in the most personal sense of expression=!!

yo me and my boyz break it down after smoking a bowl on a friday night!!
by johhny cage April 26, 2006
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(v.) to simplify for those unlikely to understand.
Let me break mass production Vs Quality control for ya...

Mass production= passable quality, affordable by everyone.

High standards of Quality Control= good quality, double priced, but only 10% can afford

Therefore out of 100 sales, 90x1 will go to mass production, while 10x2 will go to the financially privelged.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
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The insertion of one fist in a woman's vagina and the other fist in her anus, and then performing a dance move with the arms going back and forth in front of the chest.
chris: so what are you going to do to this chick tonight?
andy: im gonna pop my fists in her and break it down
chris: ahahahhahahahahahahahahahah
by will 2.0 November 14, 2007
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1. To explain something step by step
2. To Explain clearly.
If you steal my stuff, ima pop you wit my rusty 9. Aight, ill break it down, you steal my stuff and ill shoot you with my glock.
by UrbanAzn June 6, 2006
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Definition #1: When a person is feeling the song and dancing either vigorously or in a high intensity choreographed routine. The skill with which the person is dancing is usually unexpected.

Definition #2: The part of a song that has been remixed. Also known as the beat dropping.

Definition #3: The climax or ending part of any song where the beat or instrumental speed increases and the rhythm becomes intense.
*Hip hop remix comes on and white girl starts dancing*
Black person: "Dang, look at that white girl breaking it down!"
by Dann326 June 10, 2019
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What someone says on a dance floor when they want a dane competition.
Mike: Dude let's dance-off.
John: Ok break it down.
by illegalfireworksshow August 28, 2012
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