Culinary Arts is the Chef profession. Learning how to cook, and basiclly how a restaurant works. While being a Chef may seem like a "cool" career, it's not. You will learn to hate it very quickly. It's stressful, tiring, you have to handle pressure and be able to work in a past paced enviornment. This can cause serious psychological issues for some. For all the work people put into this career path, very few become anything special. Many people quit, simply due to stress and the lack of advancement. You won't make alot of money working as a cook at diners or all the popular chain restaurants. In order to make a decent salary, you'd need to do even more training for a Masters Degree. And you'd have to be working as the Head Chef at a fancy hotel somewhere. Or be one of them Celebrity Chefs you see on TV. Culinary Arts is just not worth the money and work people put into it.
Learning Culinary Arts is like being in the Military. People yelling at you, judging you on everything you do. And you have to know EVERYTHING about food, in order to make more then $15 an hour.
by Metalhead83 December 1, 2011
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A really boring period where you sometimes make food.
I wish that i could skip Culinary Arts period 1 creekwood.
by bruhmoment83 May 9, 2022
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