"years of research" refers to the series of tweets made by a professional Super Smash Brothers competitive player Saleem "Salem" Young in which he states his opinion that Super Smash Bros Melee community does not count as a part of the Smash community. The tweet containing the quote has later been made into a copypasta:

"Yeah, I’m a smash player. Along with that I know many things that most don’t know about these communities. Melee isn’t part of the actual smash community and I’m not saying that because I don’t like them. I’m saying that based off of years of research."

The quote is frequently ridiculed by the Smash community in which they make comments and macros In a joking fashion towards the quote.
Person A: I am something
Person B: You are not something, im saying this based off of years of research.
by Frosted Fool February 19, 2020
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