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JAS (adjective)

Originated in the Western Cape, South Africa this word has various meanings.

Firstly "Jas" can refer to anything satisfactory.

"This pasta is Jas"

"Wow, this remix is Jas"

It can also be used in a sentence to further express a job being completed well.
"The way Ash mauled that weed was Jas"

"Charlie jus hit the most Jas bong I've ever seen"
The last example emphasizes the manner in which Charlie hit the bong (as being impressive) however could also refer to the size of the bong (large).

"Jas" can also be used as a sarcastic reply to a question or incident to express the stupidity of the question or incident.

After breaking the first bong, Josh then asked if he could borrow the new one.

In reply Reg exclaimed : "Are you JAS?"

Implying - "are you being for real?" or disbelief at the question even being asked.

Lastly and most commonly it is used as a single word to express extreme happiness or pleasure at a certain situation or circumstance.

After Drey bought JC a Big Tasty from McDonalds JC expressed his happiness by simply saying - "Jas"


Marisa walks into the room wearing nothing but her towel

Andy replies by simply saying - "Jas"
Drey - "Wow, this remix is Jas"
by Mushy Mountaineering ™ December 12, 2011
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A girl who is always reliable and cute. She is very determined and very athletic. She has passion for basketball. She always puts someones needs before her own. She is very cute, adorable, and very beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have a girl like her.
Guy: Hey man, are you dating Jas yet?
Friend: Not yet dude. I'll be asking her out later at Starbucks.
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A relatively normal person that spontaneously turns into Pikachu having consumed his own body weight in booze. Do not feed Subway after midnight.
Jas, lad, stop talking to ulgy women

We're off for a Jas of a night!
by wewubjas February 10, 2012
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A polish way to say John, but also much more than that.

Jas is a spiritual entity, a way of life, and a filler word that can be used in place of anything.

Another way to say intoxicated.
"Whats up Jas?"

"Can you pass the Jas, please?" "Wow he's acting so Jas today"

"Man I got so Jased last night it was crazy!"
by TheWanderingJew April 10, 2014
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Jås is another word for the phrase "yeah, right". When using jås, you are stating in an ironically way that you do not agree with whatever a person just stated.

Jås is primarily used by Norwegian people living on the island Askøy.
"Arbeiderpartiet is going to win the national election in 2013!"

- "Jås."

"Eirik Krokås is not a heavy drinker!"

- "Jås."

Norwegian: "Ute med de beste, god kok på byen. YOLO!"

- "Jås".
by jåsmeister avd. fromreide December 09, 2012
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The word Jas is common in the Western Cape region of South Africa.

It can depict situations as being Great, Going well, fun, Insane, Rawkis as well as meaning horny depending on the accent used and the situation.

Often mentioned in conjunction with the word Awe (See Awe.)

How was last night bra? Ah it was Jas Suip Awe bra. Suiped from 10 till 7am then started 8 awe awe.
bru: How was last night bra?

bra: Ah it was Jas Suip Awe bru. Suiped from 10 till 7am then started 8 awe awe.

Dude 1:You see that hot chick there, Fuck!
Dude 2: Ya bra that's Jas!
by obe3 November 02, 2009
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