the kind of lesbian you see in porn, they are always feminine or lipstick lesbian and they always couple with other feminine lesbians. this is the kind of lesbian i am. oh just to clear things up a lot of lesbians dont like dildos, its a common misconception that all lesbians use them. just so you no.
jessica is a hot lesbian.
jessica and sara make a hot lesbian couple.
jessica and sara just had hot lesbian sex.
sara is a very hot lesbian.
by lesbo jessica October 5, 2005
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Mythical creature created by leaders of the Gay Rights movement as a tool to further the Gay agenda
Who cares if gays can marry? I wouldn't mind seeing some hot lesbians making out every once in awhile.
by theotherguyxiii June 13, 2007
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Someone so hot, everyone asks them out, even though they all know that they are lesbian.
95% are thicc af, 2% are funny, 1% are goths, and 2% are all of the above. Who doesn't want a hot lesbian as their wannabe side hoe?
guy one:"Broooooo, she thicc af"
guy two:"You want to go try?"
girl one:"Don't you know that she is one of those hot lesbian's?"
girl two:"THIS ONE IS FOR ME!"
by rcsamDuckworth May 4, 2019
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Having too many lesbian scenes in a tv show.
Man that show "The 100" turned into a lesbian hot box!
by Word Maestro July 19, 2017
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A lesbian ritual in which a lesbian dominatrix urinates into an enema bag and then immediately inserts the enema tube into her lesbian slave's anus and releases the full contents of the enema bag into her slave's intestines.

Or, sometimes a funnel is inserted into the slave girl's anus and the lesbian dominatrix urinates directly into her slave's rectum.

In either case, the maximum temperature of the lesbian dominartrix's urine is retained, thereby the name "hot piss enema".
Stephanie has not urinated for 36 hours in preparation for giving Allison her famous lesbian hot piss enema!
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