to have a Ph.D is to have a Pretty Huge Dick
Kanye West says that he never graduated school, but he has a Ph.D...a pretty huge dick
by Banks Chill July 23, 2005
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Pure Hard Dance

A group that host events at clubs,

known for dance stylez such as rave, shuffle, etc.

..they sell merchandise such as hoodies, which have become 'shuffling uniform' around Melbourne
Hey where'd you get ur PHD (referring to hoodie)?
-Bought it at one of their events.

You goin' to PHD tomorrow night?
-Hell yeahh!
by JáSE! June 08, 2007
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Dickhead (or just dick).
Nas also said P.H.D. in Belly in the scene when DMX beats Black Naked in the basement. He said “He’s One of those PHD niggas though. A Player Hating Dickhead”
by _Howdyss_ September 21, 2015
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Acronym for "Post-Hibbs Dump."
Hibbs is the dining hall at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University), a state school in Richmond, VA. As you can guess, the food there is pretty foul, and shortly after eating there, you often have to take a nasty shit.
"Hey Jonny Z., how did that weird veggie lasagne treat you?"
"Let me put it this way dude - As soon as we get back to Johnson Hall, I'm gonna get my PHD."
by GullibleZine March 30, 2007
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