A person who is basically trapped in college for the rest of his life. PhDs are also known to talk out of their asses and give long lectures about things not relevant to real life.
I'm glad I got out of college before I got that PhD.
by grad school dropout April 10, 2003
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to have a Ph.D is to have a Pretty Huge Dick
Kanye West says that he never graduated school, but he has a Ph.D...a pretty huge dick
by Banks Chill July 23, 2005
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Pure Hard Dance

A group that host events at clubs,

known for dance stylez such as rave, shuffle, etc.

..they sell merchandise such as hoodies, which have become 'shuffling uniform' around Melbourne
Hey where'd you get ur PHD (referring to hoodie)?
-Bought it at one of their events.

You goin' to PHD tomorrow night?
-Hell yeahh!
by JáSE! June 08, 2007
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Dayton- man my bush was flaking all over this morning.
Brady- yeah man you got that PHD shit.
by BradySesselman August 11, 2008
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Commonly used to refer to a Physician’s Degree or a Perfect Hair Day. In recent pop culture, PHD can also refer to a “Pretty Huge Dick.”
Candace: I finally got my PHD!
Lawrence: Oh, good! There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t appreciate my PHD!
Candace: Dad, I’m not talking about a degree.
Lawrence: Neither was I!
by kindagroovin March 05, 2020
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This is a level 10 degree, which many intelligent people take as part of the their academia, of Doctorate is the precursor for a future in research and professorship. A phd is a difficult degree resulting in may sleepless nights and incredible work loads. ..but if in the right divison...party time!!!!The benefits of a phd is that you become a doctor and have the legal right to put dr. in front of your name if you enjoy research and think it is for you a phd is a great stepping stone into becoming a respected doctoral scientist.
Phd is not permanent head damage
by Dr. D.G heffler March 22, 2009
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