A nice way of saying:
"I understand/know a lot of complicated bullshit that you couldn't grasp even if it were your dick after 8 hours of hot lesbian porn."

It was once believed PhD was actually French for "Fuck off idiot," but this was actually proved wrong by brain-box PhD holders after years of research.
Some guy: Ugh, I can't solve this 3rd order partial differential equation...

Professor "blah, blah", PhD : I can, thus my mental-dick is bigger than yours. Checkmate.
by LilHizzle October 12, 2011
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PhD Stands for : Permanent Head Damage
Man: Hey you guys, i have a PhD
Man 2: Wow... you must be really special....... o_o
by -Unknown- o.o; November 28, 2007
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Sam: "Your hair looks nice today!"

Alex: "Thanks, I'm having a phd."
by kazaam412 September 04, 2009
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1. Doctor of Philosophy.
2. Pretty Huge Dick.
3. Pubic Hair Distribution.
eg 1: John has a PhD in Computer Science.
eg 2: John has a PHD (Pretty Hude Dick).
eg 3: John's PHD (Pubic Hair Distribution) is a LOT!
by Rachel Green November 13, 2005
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acronim for pretty huge dick
Jay: I have a PHD

Nick: What could a moron like you have a PHD in?
Jay:In your mom
by Gentleneal April 24, 2012
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