139 definitions by Fred

a word used to describe someone following the NeM Town religion
"yo man...i heard your a NeMinon"
by Fred October 21, 2003
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nerds like to believe that, because they don't have any friends and prefer to spend their weekends sat infront of a computer screen 'socialising' on internet message boards with other like-minded losers, they are in fact 'unique non-conformists'

sadly, they're deluding themselves

see also: geek, outcast, loser
nerd: donnie darko rocks. I can totally relate to the main character, I'm just like him.
me: shut up bumfluff
by Fred September 25, 2004
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Similar to minger, but designed for describing geography teachers.
Mr Harrison is such a mingee.
by Fred September 25, 2003
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when two people engage in wild monkey sex. loud noises are very common. orgasm is a side effect of the strenuous activity.
"if we're mockanockin don't come a knockin"
by Fred March 15, 2005
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