138 definitions by Fred

While doing a girl from behind spit on her back while moaning she will inevidably think the deed has been done when it is only just the begging. After she pulls away and faces u then "surprise" blow your load right in that tricks face. Just like Hudini would have done
I had to take Betsy to the hospital after a well placed Hudini caught her in both eyes
by Fred March 25, 2005
Likes the smell of tea cups and eats raw china

also in other Countries it also means teacups

Also likes to smell Dogs in a vaccum cleaner
For Example, I would like to smell some princey or eat some princey
by Fred February 19, 2005
a good all-over sucking, licking, wanking and fucking that is needed regularly to ensure correct running of the male body.
Hiya babe - I need a bollocks service!
by Fred May 4, 2003
The JC. It's the Orange County of middle America. Go ahead, drive through; you won't even believe you're in Kansas anymore.
Me: "W-where are we? Where are all the trailer parks, where are all the rusty old trucks? Where are all the cow boys? Is this still Kansas?"
Brent: "This is the J.C., everyone here has a net worth of at least one million dollars."
by Fred December 31, 2005
reggaeton is not actually just Puerto Rico's version of reggae...if you do the research you'll find that reggaeton first came around in panama as "spanish reggae". It has evolved to become "perreo", "dembow", or just "reggaeton"
i like reggaeton
me gusta el reggaeton
by Fred February 28, 2005