138 definitions by Fred

He's a very natural person--wears comfortable clothes, is a vegetarian, has liberal political views, very environmentally aware, etc... He's lovely, really caring and he knows how to treat a woman.. not sexily, but make them feel safe. His blonde hair is quite thin, and he wears glasses to read which make him look very academic and quite germanic. he wears a fruity cheap smelling aftershave, although i dont think he needs to shave very often - it's quite like bumfluff.
by Fred September 6, 2003
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Steering wheel of a car, truck, or SUV
One hand on da whizzeel.
by Fred May 15, 2003
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A small feathered creature that eats french fries and like to defacate ontop of people, cars, important things. A subspecies of bird. Also known as the feathered rat or gutter bird.
by Fred September 23, 2003
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My god, this place is worse than folkestone!
by Fred January 5, 2004
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remove the generic insult after absolute gonk,gimp etc. and your left with an insult.
'what an absolute'
by Fred October 20, 2003
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When all you were is fluff
when someone is wearinlots of fluff
by Fred March 12, 2004
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The art of successfully ejaculating into your girlfriend's navel (belly button) for points.
I performed a successful umbilllicus cumination operation what do i get for that?
by Fred May 5, 2003
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