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One True Paring.
Used in fandoms to espress what charaters you ship. (put together romanticly)
"So, do you like CJ and Toby (from the west wing)"

"yea, their my OTP!"
by Erin September 27, 2003

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the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.
i so felt the sexual tension between you and rufio yesterday.
by erin May 04, 2004

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When one person has a significant other and performs any type of intimate acts with another person.
I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with another girl.
by Erin August 14, 2003

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The most talented musician to walk the earth in his time. Front man from Muse
The most gorgeous man in the world.
"Gosh, that Matthew Bellamy is fit"

"Wow! Matthew Bellamy is hotter in person"!!

"Your looking very Matthew Bellamy today"
by Erin February 14, 2005

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what i will never ever do to anyone because its fucking nasty
that shitbag asked me for a blowjob
by Erin March 02, 2005

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A Japanese word describing a person beyond the realm of fandom but into mania that is improperly used by American fans.

In Japan the word "otaku" has become taboo because of Miyazaki Tsutomu who went on a toddler murdering spree in the 80's, video taping the young girls he had murdered from an obsession with lolicon (female pedophilic manga).

Americans use this term to call themselves "fanboys" or "fangirls" with almost no knowledge of the horrific roots behind the word.
American Fangirl: "I have a huge collection of Macross, NGE, Sailor Moon, yaoi, and many other anime! I'm such an otaku!"
Non-anime fan: "...Uhm, you do know about that word right?"
by Erin December 19, 2003

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what i am.
i am 4' 8". i am short
by Erin May 26, 2003

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