129 definitions by Erin

A college age girl wearing the most expensive and up-to-date fashions but acting like a two dollar ho.
Check out that drunk mankiboosh over at the bar being felt up by that frat boy.
by Erin May 06, 2005
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The most talented musician to walk the earth in his time. Front man from Muse
The most gorgeous man in the world.
"Gosh, that Matthew Bellamy is fit"

"Wow! Matthew Bellamy is hotter in person"!!

"Your looking very Matthew Bellamy today"
by Erin February 14, 2005
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a mixed-up oreo is a white person (male or female) who takes pleasure in acting black
see wigger
That mixed-up Oreo girl Jordan calls herself 'Yolanda'.
by Erin February 11, 2005
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