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used normally to describe annoying frat boys and sorority girls,sometimes used for jocks and meatheads and ditzy girls.
All the people in the sports bar were total bro's and ho's.
by Erin October 26, 2004
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All these definitions of a "teeny bopper" are somewhat not correct, but everyone has their own opinion. A teeny bopper does (I guess) listen to pop music or rap for that matter. And they do only like bands/artists for their looks. I know, pretty pathetic if you ask me. The ages of a teeny could be about...10-13? Just an estimated guess. But I don't consider them acting as an "adult", more like a little hyper kid. They have different boyfriends every week or so,talk about boys constantly,"boy crazy" (dont get me wrong, I <3 boys, but I don't talk about them 24 hrs a day and I have tons of better things to think about) care about 'only' how they look, wear tons of makeup not knowing how bad it looks. Wow, notice only they direct teeny boppers to girls. Wonder if they are teeny bopper boys? Whoa, I better stop now. ;-)
by Erin June 3, 2004
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Jelly bracelets are just plain bracelets that you can bend and snap. And the game"snap" was made AFTER these bracelets were made.
The Game "snap" was most likely made up by some stupid boys that don't have girlfriends and can't get anything. So I rest my case.
by Erin May 16, 2004
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it's Colby, you morons!
Colby is a type of cheese with a sharp flavor.
by Erin August 7, 2004
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The small town in Alberta, Canada that is known for it's corn. Still being small it throws it's annual "Cornfest" every fall.
"Going down to Taber today, mate?"
by Erin April 12, 2005
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Definition: If anything can skrew you over, it will.
ex, my computer shut off a moment before I saved all my work.
by Erin August 29, 2004
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one of the greatest musicians of all time, whos life was cut WAY too short because of his wife Courtney Love, who was mad because he was divorcing her and taking her out of his will. She should have been the one to die, shes worthless anyways.
Kurt cobain- rock god
by Erin February 7, 2004
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