-the most annoying thing anyone can say to you
-what your ex-best friend said just to "look cool" around her/his other "more important" friends
-probably the worst thing to say to someone battling depression (even if you didn't know they had it)
-the reason I don't like you
-the words that made you cry for 2 hours when your crush said it
-the reason I don't talk to you anymore
-the reason I don't tell people how I feel
girl: *tells him something that happened that day*
guy: *slowly* nobody cares. (laughs w/ buddies)
girl later that night: *cries herself to sleep*
by #bossassbitch June 3, 2014
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only applicable when someone disagrees with you
a: someone is generally obnoxious.
b: nobody cares, a.
by sirbinarios November 12, 2017
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A phrase one uses when people keep putting urban dictionary definitions of their own name on their snapchat story.
Brock *opens up snapchat
Brock "Oh my God nobody cares!"
by Senior Papi john March 15, 2017
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A word that's now being massively used by retards that probably have no real friends
Person 1: "Hey guys look what I got!"
Stupid retard: "NoBoDy CaReS"
by Mystic mind June 27, 2021
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what you say to women and idiots when they start to talk.
note: rather than siad outrite, the phrase "nobody cares" should be sang with true emotion as to emphasize that they belong at a bullet for my valentine gig or in the kitchen. (bullet for my valentine = idiots, kitchen = women)

P.S. be sure to cut people off before they finish what they are saying. if they finish what they said it might stay in your mind and scar your brain with stupidity for life.
idiot: "wow! i think i just figured out the answer to question 5!"
me: "(with beautiful melody)no body caresss"
woman: "i think..."
me: "(with true emotion)nobody caressss"
by kiss me deadly November 7, 2005
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A lot like saying everything's gonna be okay, even though 50 people just died and evidently everything's not okay. Another way for a person who has little control of themselves to remain in control of others.
Girl-Nobody cares about what this guy has to say, he's a liar and a racist and what else let me think oh he's an ignorant misogynist idiot shithead. Ill think of more stuff to call him later, once I know what I'm doing and why again.
by Solid Mantis May 14, 2019
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