To deficate or take a dump,..Also, cantar, in Spanish to take a shit.
I told my co-worker to wait for me, wile I sing a song, before lunch.
by Joe is 1 real mf'r February 14, 2017
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When the male takes a whip while letting the female suck his dick, to add on vibration the girl starts singing so her mouth and tongue vibrates around the whole dick seemingly creating a vacuum of unholy vibrating pleasure, if the female stops singing the whip is used as a second method to make the female scream to which vibrates the throat which the males dick should be in.
Guy:"hey girl wanna do a dong a long sing a song?"

Girl:"sure baby im gonna fill u up with some justin beiber"

Guy:"you better not stop or i will whip you"

Girl:"mmmm kinky"
by Jon bon the gon gon December 29, 2020
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A phrase uttered by Slim Chin (played by Ken Jeong in a 2010 adidas commercial) after a day of hoops with Dwight Howard followed by a piano-side duet. Can also be used in reference to any musical and/or sensual act.
“You get his shoe, you get fast too. Then it’s sing-song time!”

Hey girl, it’s getting late, feels like sing-song time to me.”
by adidasBasketball November 22, 2010
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Have sex or do anything sexual.
*Taken from the movie Lion King where Simba and Nala lick each other while the song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" plays.
G: Honey, I feel horny as ever
B: Come on and sing a disney song with me babe
G: Screw me.
by hornyforsomeanthony January 19, 2015
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The action of someone putting their entire head in someone else’s ass.
Yah bro it was crazy, I have her the ping-pong sing-song
by Ya boi og 420 October 14, 2018
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When you masturbate to someone serenading you.
When Robert played that song he wrote for me, he made me Sing-song squirt
by Clout Daddy November 6, 2017
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