my pennis is large now, but it will be small again
by Jay May 10, 2003
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Colloquialism of the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament, held annually at the Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut.
I hope that Maria Sharapova plays at the pennis every year.
by Jason Cheng loves Anna's Taqueria September 10, 2005
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1. (A) Good time.

2. Something enjoyable
Let's all go and have a pennis.

At the club:
Ey gurl, wanna go back to my place and have a pennis?

With the boys:
Yee-haw! Let's have ourselves a pennis!
by Hyperling August 02, 2012
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Gay tennis; first invented in France by Francis Splicket
1. I love a good game of pennis!
2. Hey man, do you have any spare pennis balls? Mine are worn out.
3. Pennis is a gentlemans' game.
by Jono C October 22, 2006
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'Pennying' or also known as 'The Penny Game' is a simple British drinking game, traditionally played during formal dinners (Formal Hall) at Cambridge University. One person throws a penny into another's pint (or other alcoholic beverage) and that person has to down the drink in order to "stop the Queen from drowning". (As the Queen's face is depicted on 1p coins).
"Did you know they banned Pennying in Formal Hall?"

"Yeah! Dirk got so pissed he had to go to hospital!"
by AquamarineCara May 15, 2017
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Penny is the most amazingly, perfect girl, ever. She's caring, kind and super pretty. She's one of those people that are really likeable and nice to everyone, but will be pretty sarcastic to those she's more comfortable with. Everything about her is just so beautiful and incredibly perfect. Everyone wants to be her, or be with her. If you know someone called Penny, you're a very lucky person. She's suuuper pretty and is really adorable (and if she has freckles, that probably makes her even cuter).
Gee, Penny sure is beautiful. I wish she would notice that I have a massive crush on her.
by hellllllno June 28, 2017
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