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my pennis is large now, but it will be small again
by Jay May 10, 2003
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Pennis (pronounced pin-iss) is a shorter version of a penis, as indicated by a short E sound, as opposed to the long E.
Man, I'd totally rock that chick's world, if I didn't have this damned pennis. Guess I'll have to make due, though...BARTENDER! Send that girl 26 shots of Jager, quick like a bunny!
by Madfat August 24, 2007
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often seen inhabiting the same far off distant land as eilidh. not to be messed with.
penni: hello
eilidh: mwahahaha
penni: *zappp*
by alec_o May 29, 2008
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The most amazing, sexy, witty girl. She's funny and people love to be around her. She is saracastic and can be a bit snarky, but everyone likes her. She's the life of the party and attracts people to her.
That is the girl of my dreams...she's such a penni.
by money113 March 23, 2011
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Colloquialism of the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament, held annually at the Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut.
I hope that Maria Sharapova plays at the pennis every year.
by Jason Cheng loves Anna's Taqueria September 10, 2005
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