One of the most beautiful and perfect girl in the world. She's beautiful, lucky and everyone wants to be with her. She's gorgeous on the inside and outside and all of the guys go nuts when they see her.
"Look! it's Penny! I hope that she'll notice me"
by Luckgirl768 August 6, 2018
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A beautiful woman that can be shy, but only to those she like. She can get angry and defensive at times, but is kind - hearted when you get right down to it. Extremely strong, fast, and can be untraceable once you take your eyes off her, if you even can. She likes to be alone, unless with the one she's with, because then, she will never let go.
"Hey Penny, what do you think-- where'd she go?"
by TheMeteorBoy April 4, 2018
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A girl whom is defined as being the most amazing in the world.
by jldbeck1 February 28, 2009
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From the Greek root Penelope, (meaning Weaver)from "pene". Mythology: Penelope, wife of Odysseus, fended off suitors by weaving during the day and unraveling at night a tapestry she said had to be completed before she would wed another husband. The name has come to signify a loyal, capable, and clever woman. The name is also possibly derived from the Greek name "penelops" for a kind of duck that was said to have rescued and nurtured Penelope when she was exposed to die as an infant.
Penelope has 8 variant forms: Pen, Penelopa, Penina, Penna, Pennelope, Penney, Pennie and Penny.
by name researcher October 23, 2008
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A Global 9 and AP Psychology teacher whose "haha's" tend to be sarcastic.
Oh yeah, Penny was just #saltined.
by Forking Shirt November 13, 2018
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Woman 1: I found a penny!

Woman 2: The government is now in debt!
by Ereck Flowers February 21, 2015
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Penny's are incredibly sweet, Caring and reliable. They see everyone as the same, Strangers, Bullies, Opponents, They all mean the same. Friend. A Penny can be super sarcastic when around those who know her better, She's an awesome teammate and sometimes a total hopeless romantic. She is approachable and will always stand for what's right.
I hope we get Penny as our teammate, No matter what sport, She's super good.
by phobetic November 11, 2019
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