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something other than ice
Sometimes there is ice and sometimes there's notice.
by noodles montgomery November 29, 2016
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Something which grabs someones attention
Can be a sign
A notification such as on facebook
Or Noticing someone
Example 1:
P1: Woah Duddddde.. I love driving fast
P2: You should really pay attention to the speed limit
P1: Where is that?!
P2: Look at the notice mate

Example 2:
P1: Uggghh FFS.. Another Bloody Notification
P1: I don't care that someone else has taken the same quiz as me!!!

Example 3:
P1: Hey... I noticed you noticing me.. and I wanted you to notice that I noticed you noticing me.. and next time I notice you noticing me.. I want you to notice that I noticed you noticing me.. without me having to say so ;)
P1: WTF?!
by Ashdem July 05, 2009
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Something on a yellow metal pole that tells you what you gotta do and you gotta figure out how ya gonna do it.
"I'm driving here!"
by Alex Quantashassle May 28, 2005
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To give your friends and family plenty of notice prior to your arrival or a time your due to meet them
Chap1: Alright mate, can you give me a rough PTA your arriving in town?
Chap 2: Parent Teacher Association?

Chap1: No you CLOWN!!! What time are you getting to town?
Chap2: Non responder

*few hours later, chap1 is in the shower*
Chap2: Just on the train now, I will be in town in around 45 minutes

Chap1: FFS chap I’ve just got out the shower you Clown. Thanks for giving plenty of notice
by Chap87 December 14, 2019
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